To Spice up the sex life an Indonesian woman allegedly forced her teenager daughter into having sex with her stepfather.

The couple, who have been arrested now, began sexually exploiting the 16-year-old girl in Jakarta, Indonesia, last October according to Daily Mail.

Initially, they tried to influence her by offering cash bribes and a smartphone but she refused. Later on, the mother ordered her daughter to have sex with her partner.

The abuse claim was revealed after the girl approached her real father, who immediately contacted the police and lodged a complaint against his ex-wife and her husband.

According to Andi Sinjaya, the chief commissioner of police, the couple wanted to ‘try a new sensation in their sexual lives’.

He said the idea was initially proposed by the stepfather and the mother went along with it.

The couple was arrested at their home in the Pancoran area of Jakarta, and is facing up to 15 years in prison if they are found guilty.

Sinjaya added that the girl was offered 200,000 IDR (£11) for her consent.

Her real father, who split up with her mother in 2011, while their daughter is now receiving counselling.

A report by ‘Komnas Perempuan’ (Commission on Violence Against Women) found 1,210 cases of reported incestuous rape in 2017.

This article originally appeared in Daily Mail

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