Monday, November 12, 2018

Facebook launches its Lasso to catch up with young people

With Lasso, an app for creating short music videos, Facebook intends to attract teenager’s adepts Tik Tok.

In just a few months, Tik Tok has become the new darling of young people , reaching download records. The worldwide success of this Chinese application that makes it easy to create short musical videos with special effects on a smartphone could not, of course, leave Facebook as the giant of social networks is starting to be shunned by the youth who now prefer tools. more playful. For proof, while more than 70% of teens used Facebook daily in 2014, they are just 50% to do it again today …

Hence the arrival of Lasso, a Facebook app, clearly inspired by Tik Tok , designed to once again attract the favors of young people. The principle is the same: it is about creating clips of about fifteen seconds, embellished with filters and effects, based on an imposing digital “discotheque” made available, fruit of the agreements made between Facebook and the record industry. The only watchword: fun!

Available for both Android and iOS, Lasso naturally benefits from direct gateways with Instagram and Facebook, so you can easily post clips. But the app, which is currently available only in the United States, has not enjoyed a launch in great style .exist discreetly , almost in the shadow. Probably a warm-up lap, the time to collect the first users’ opinions, before a new enriched version that should be more widely distributed.

We hope once the users feedback are received it will be launched with great bang..

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