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November 16

By Stephen John

How can we treat these illegitimate children a normal and natural phenomenon. These days it has become very popular in showbiz to have pregnancy before marriage. Although some people have different opinion and they may treat it normal, but to me it is a disaster. How can we allow such a practice in civilized society . It is prohibited both in religion and in society.

We do hear about such illegitimate relations and pregnancy in Bollywood. The current couple in focus is none other than the famous Bollywood actress Neha  Dhupia who  secretly married her friend and fellow actor Angit Baidi in May.

And now, Angit Baidi himself revealed in an interview that he and Neha had a secret marriage because she got pregnant . A video of this interview shared by Angit herself on his Instagram account.

Angit  Baidi said that after knowing that they were going to be parents , they were surprised and shocked. Neha Dhupia herself  told that she kept the news of being pregnant so secret because she was scared that no one in the industry will give them work

They married in May this year lets see when she gives birth to the baby. The timing will confirm the claim.

Well, now if the reports in Mumbai Mirror are true, then the star couple are all set to welcome their first child in November. A six months baby wow !

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