Former United Kingdom Football Club, Portmith, Sulaiman Al Fahim, has been sentenced to five years in prison for buying a football club by stealing £ 50 million in the wife’s wife.Sulaiman Al Fahim lived in the club for six weeks in 2009. Solomon purchased the agreement with Abu Dhabi’s united group to buy Manchester City Club and has been convicted of fraudulent use of fraudulent documents. The portmitht club on Sulaiman Al Fahim and one of his companions has proved to be a crime to buy from Staud Gaddmalik’s stolen money, which he soon sold Ali al-Fajr. On the occasion of this trial, Sulaiman Al Fahim, 42, was not present in the court and his decision was made in his absence. The prosecutor said that when Sulaiman Al Fahim’s wife discovered that the account he had played in 2009, expected The amount that was based on the profit rate was missing from the account. His wife said that he had contacted the bank manager but he continued to eradicate the tall despite repeatedly asking in September 2011 when he decided to go to the bank himself and he was told that some money does not exist. He then contacted the legal sector, but when he did not take any action, he informed the police about it. The Dubai Criminal Court has also blamed the bank manager for fraudulent use of fraudulent government documents and using fake documents. Bank manager has also been sentenced to five years imprisonment. When the owner of the Portsmith Club, Salman Alham, was the part of the English Premier League, and was facing financial difficulties, due to which it was also difficult to pay for players and staff. Newcastle live broadcasts, programs and latest upsets

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